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Client Testimonials

“Thom Goolsby is an amazing lawyer. His representation of me was above and beyond anything I ever expected. He aggressively represented me in two Superior Court jury trials. Senator Goolsby was impressive to watch in action. He fought every issue and won both of my cases. I could not have imagined a more competent, caring and skilled trial advocate. I give him my highest recommendation and eternal thanks for all he did for me and my family.”


“Thank you for walking me through the process for getting my open container and underage possession of alcohol charges dismissed. You arranged for a very simple deferred prosecution. It was easy to comply and my record is now clean. I appreciate your excellent help!”


“Thank you Thom Goolsby for helping me with my case. I heard that you were a super attorney and I heard right! Thank you for your attention to detail and for helping me with this important matter. Your office was always available to assist me and your care and concern met a great deal to me. If I ever need an attorney again, you will be the first person that I call.”


“I was wrongfully charged and arrested for attempted breaking and entering. My personal property was seized as evidence by the police. On my first court date, Thom Goolsby had the charge dismissed and an order signed by the judge requiring the police to return my property to me. Thank you for standing up for my rights and clearing my good name. Without your help, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I will recommend you to all of my friends and family who have any problems.”


“Senator Goolsby: I wish that my son would have had you as his attorney for all of his past problems. Thank you for the great result in his latest mess. Thanks to you, I believe that he has finally gained the proper perspective when dealing with the police. You and your staff are wonderful.”


“I was charged with assault and battery and was very worried about going to jail, as well as having a violent criminal record. Thank you for calming my fears and helping me in court. When I learned that you had had my case dismissed, I was overjoyed. You have a great staff and I could not ask anymore from a lawyer. You are the best!”


“I was charged with two assault charges. One charge was the serious Class A1 misdemeanor of Assault of a Female. I could not believe that this happened and was very worried about the incident and its effect on my freedom and future. I am so thankful that I had Thom Goolsby as my attorney. From the beginning, I knew that I was in good hands. The charges were dismissed and I am in the clear. He is the best!”


“Senator Goolsby: I had a trespassing on posted property charge that would have looked terrible on my criminal record and prevented me from future employment. You had me sign a waiver, went to court for me and arranged for a simple deferred prosecution. I did a little bit of volunteer work and you had everything dismissed. Thank you for your help. You’re the best!”


“Thank you Senator Goolsby for ‘pulling me out of the fire’ again. I don’t know what I would do without your help. I sat beside you in court during my trial and was amazed at your abilities.

No one could have fought harder for my case. You kept me from getting convicted for DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED and CARELESS & RECKLESS DRIVING.

A DWI would have been devastating to me. Thank you for WINNING my case. You are, absolutely, the BEST!!!”


“I was arrested on several gun-related charges. The State did everything possible to convict me and strip me of my concealed carry permit. The police also unlawfully took my expensive handgun.

Senator Goolsby was my champion. He fought like a madman in court when various witnesses attempted to present false or improper evidence against me, including a police officer. He successfully suppressed hearsay evidence from the officer and, otherwise, put the State through the ringer.

My charges were dismissed. After that, Senator Goolsby went the extra mile and had an Order signed returning my expensive handgun.

He is the best!”


“You are the greatest! Thank you for taking my DWI case to trial and winning. Because of my prior record, if I had gotten convicted, I would have gone to jail and lost my driving privilege for an extended period of time.

Your fighting spirit and willingness to try my case, plus your skills in DWI court, are amazing. Thank you again for saving my license and freedom.”


“I was charged with a DWI that could have ruined my life. Thankfully, I hired Senator Thom Goolsby. His hard work on my case resulted in a dismissal of the DWI and the failure to maintain lane charges. I walked out of the court room a free man with no convictions. I’m not quite sure how it happened. He was filing motions, speaking with the district attorney and officer and then it was all over. I am so grateful to have had such a skilled advocate with the Senator’s expertise and fighting spirit. He is the best!!!”


“I was wrongfully charged with communicating a threat by a nearby business owner. Thankfully, I had Thom Goolsby as my attorney. He pushed the case to mediation where the alleged victim agreed to dismiss the charge. We immediately moved forward with an expunction to clear my record. I appreciate Thom’s work to get this charge dismissed and my record cleared.”


“Thank you for having my criminal charges dismissed. I was originally charged with trespassing and intoxicated and disruptive. Senator Goolsby arranged for a simple deferred prosecution with minimum terms. I stayed out of trouble and complied. The charge was recently dismissed. I am so thankful to not have a record!”


“Thom helped me with my personal injury accident and he was very professional and got me a great settlement. He is such a kind and helpful person. Went the extra mile for me and my family.”

A Personal Injury Client

“Thom is an experienced trial lawyer. Not afraid to go to court. He is particularly knowledgeable his areas of practice, but he has a wide range of knowledge of legal matters outside his practice which enables him to alert his clients to legal concerns that others might not recognize.”


“Mr. Goolsby had my ADULT felony charges Expunged!!!! Seventeen years ago, at 21 years old, I was convicted of numerous very serious felony charges and due to the new NC Expunction Law that Mr. Goolsby supported as Senator, opening up the possibility for the expunction of felony convictions for people over the age of 18, the horrible past that followed me all these years has been washed to the ocean floor. Mr. Goolsby represented me and literally gave me my life back.”


“I went to Thom Goolsby a while back for personal injury and he was amazing he helped to get me the most from a bad situation. He was very polite and professional so was his staff. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal representation. I can’t thank him enough God Bless You Thom Goolsby.”


“Thom and his staff helped me tremendously on my first offence charge. Instead of a conviction, I was able to do community service, pay court fees and have my case dismissed. I’ve also hired him for my personal injury case due to an auto accident that wasn’t my fault. I would rather pay more for an attorney with long standing experience and reputation than a cheap attorney who will charge less because they need business. Would highly recommend him!”