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Protecting Student Rights, Reputations & Futures

College (and High School) students and young adults charged with crimes are in danger of very serious consequences. A conviction can easily result in expulsion, the end of a student’s financial aid, the loss of future employment opportunities and much, much more.

Defense Against Drug Possession, Fake IDs And Other Charges

You must defend yourself against any and all charges, including, but not limited to:

  • Alcohol-related offenses: DWI to underage possession of alcohol and all other types of alcohol-related charges.
  • Drug possession: Possession of marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin and Ecstasy, as well as illegal possession of prescription drugs such as OxyContin or Percocet.
  • Fake IDs: Forging any type of government document, including driver’s licenses or other ID cards. These are significant offense that can cause the LOSS of YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE.
  • Theft: Larceny/shoplifting, retail theft and more.
  • Sex crimes: Date and statutory rape and other sex offenses.
  • Assault: Often, students are charged with assault during fist fights on campus or at parties.
  • Other offenses: All other juvenile or college student offenses, including resisting arrest, vandalism and more.

My mission is to minimize the negative consequences and find the best resolution possible in each case. I will explore all alternatives to jail time, including the possibility of deferred prosecutions and drug diversion programs with the participation in alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs, attending anger management classes, performing community service, etc.

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