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Defending DUI Charges

DUI Defense

This article is by Payam Shayani – a premier Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Immediate, aggressive DUI defense is a must if you have been arrested for drunk driving. A DUI conviction may result in imprisonment, heavy fines, license suspension, probation, counseling and DUI School. You have the opportunity to avoid these by consulting and working with an experienced DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

DUI Lawyers are uniquely qualified to handle your case. DUI is a serious offense, and can recognize this. They understand what to expect from prosecuting attorneys and judges and therefore are able to provide more effective representation to our clients in the face of these charges. They have handled over 100,000 cases in our legal careers and are now available in private practice for your DUI defense.

Defending DUI Charges

There are multiple ways to defend a DUI charge, and it will depend upon your particular case. They may be able to attack the credibility of the officer’s testimony regarding your performance on field sobriety tests. We may be able to contest that your arrest was unlawful, or that breathalyzer testing was performed improperly. By looking at your case from every angle and conducting a thorough investigation of every single aspect of your charges, arrest and testing, a DUI defense attorney at our firm can develop an innovative defense strategy which will have the best opportunity of helping you avoid a conviction and serious penalties.

Even if your case seems helpless, there is hope. Even if you took a breath test or blood test and failed, there is still much that a lawyer can do to defend your case. Entrust your  DUI case to a defense lawyer at DUI Lawyers and discover the difference that experienced, dedicated representation can make in the outcome of your case.

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